Tuesday, June 3, 2014

squash: finally!

We got so lazy about planting the squash after I prepared the garden bed for it, it became too late. It's getting really hot every day now, and I was wary of planting seeds out in the full sun. My research tells me squash like heat, but, I tend to interpret that as "non-Arizona heat" because the heat here is about an order of magnitude worse than everywhere else.

So! Instead, we got some pots to plant the squash in, and placed them in the shade. Once they have sprouted and strengthened a bit, we'll transplant them to the ground.

I'm all about squash
We got 8 pots, and planted 4 with spaghetti squash (my favorite) and the other 4 with butternut squash (my second favorite). Both these squashes are delicious but also both so expensive to buy at the store. I'm not here for $3/lb squash.

increasing my odds of success
I'm still pretty new to gardening and I kind of scoffed at first at the instructions on them all stating to plant multiple seeds close together then weed them out later, but judging by just how many seeds I've planted so far that haven't sprouted, there's like a 60% success rate when it comes to sprouting.

in the glorious shade
Crossing my fingers this works!

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