Saturday, April 12, 2014

work on the second garden plot begins

Today it was a scorching 91 degrees, so any sane person probably would have stayed inside with their sweet, sweet air conditioning. Instead, I grabbed a shovel and went to work outside, in the sun, on the second garden plot I've been meaning to get started for two weeks now.

Here's the before photo. You can see the edge of the first garden plot in the corner, and the outline of the area to be tilled, drawn in a box in the dirt. The first plot, Chris and I dug together, so it went pretty fast. Also, two weeks ago, it was at least 10 degrees cooler out during the day. But today I tilled this box all on my own.

Aww yeah. Look at all that tilled dirt! Sadly this took me an hour (due to needing to take several water breaks in the shade) and after that I was so hot and tired that I couldn't finish the rest of what needed to be done (mixing in soil and wood chips, and of course planting things!). That's on the docket for this weekend, though.

At least things are going nicely in the other plot.

The zucchini (bottom half of the plot) is doing awesomely. In fact, there are too many growing. We're going to have to pluck out a few to ensure all the plants have enough space to grow.

The zucchini were planted at the same time as the peppers (top half of the plot), but there hadn't been any action on those seeds while the zucchini were doing great. I was beginning to wonder if all the seeds were duds... until today!

A tiny, adorable little pepper sprout! There's actually two growing, so I guess they just needed a lot of time to get going.

So far, the garden is a success! Yay!

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